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Why do business with ProKontrol?


Whether your company has no control expertise or complete expertise, you will find advantages in using our products and services. What has made Pro Kontrol's reputation is its unparalleled customer service and the technical expertise of our team. Of course, all companies say that they offer good service and support to their customers, but in reality very few succeed in doing so. Enabling our customers to continually focus on better serving their own customers and increasing their profitability; that's what we're all about. Pro Kontrol is first and foremost a partner for its customers, we are more than a supplier we are a solution in itself.

Every time you interact with us, we adjust our product and service offering to your needs. Our immeasurable inventory, technical expertise and purchasing power allow us to offer you quality products and service at all times.

Let us show you the benefits of Pro Kontrol. All major brands of HVAC controls under one roof. View our line card. You'll see that we offer you all the best brands of HVAC controls. You'll save time and money because you'll be able to order all your controls from the same supplier in a single communication or a single visit to one of our 6 counters. What's more, as a source of additional savings, you will only have to pay for one supplier!

Service and more service!

Whether you visit us at our counter, call, email or text us, we do our best to serve you politely, quickly and efficiently. Our customers deserve the best service and we are known for our excellent service. As a result, you or your staff will spend less time with your supplier and this time savings will quickly turn into profits for your business.

Challenge us!

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Our services

Our project department offers a wide range of value-added services for you to choose from.


Parts selection support


Live technical support


On site technical support


Upgrading systems and equipment (Retrofit)




Support for the production of proposals to your customers


Design and engineering


Panel and VAV box assembly


Shop Drawing/Wiring Diagram


Programming and configuration

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