Honeywell VFD Training

Length : Half a day
Type : Training
Price : Free

Course description:
This half a day technical training session provides an overview of Honeywell VFD. Fred Ferrera from Honeywell, will go over the VFD Basics, operation and Programming in a classroom setting.

Training agenda:

I. VFD Basics
   a. Types of VFD applications.
   b. Types of motors to use with VFDs.
   c. Define key components:
   i. Diode Bridge
   ii. IGBT Bridge
   d. AC Choke functions
   e. Filters
   f. Brakes
   g. Harmonics

II. Selecting VFDs from Motor Data.

III. Field Wiring

IV. Programming VFD
   a. Using Keypad.
   b. Using P.C.
   c. Completing Programing Labs.

V. VFD Energy Savings & Rebate Programs

Notes :
12x places available.
Transportation and accommodation are at the participant's expense.

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