Pneumatic control systems maintenance (Training)

Length : 2 days
Type : Training
Price : 1800 $

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Introduction :

Despite its near complete demise from commercial real estate, pneumatic climate control technology is still doing surprisingly well in a lot of buildings and industries today. Not all owners and managers are ready to invest in newer, modern-day technologies. Many would rather stretch the already impressive lifespan of these venerable time-proven control systems.

Unfortunately, the industry’s workforce has not recognized the persistent need to sustain these systems and has poorly adapted to this niche market.

Pneumatic control technology was perhaps condemned too quickly and the latest generation of technicians has not been trained to deal with it!

Objective :

This technical session aims at providing practical knowledge as well as an in-depth view of all pneumatic control driven systems and their related equipment. Since new pneumatic installations are few and far between, this course emphasizes on the maintenance and repair of control systems and other equipment, rather than on the theory, applications and design.

At the end of this course, advanced and novice technicians alike will not only have acquired a global understanding of pneumatic control systems technology, but also will have learned about maintenance procedures, repairs and other very practical tricks of the trade that they will be able to put to use immediately .

Profile :

-HVAC contractor
-Refrigeration mechanic
-Heating / Plumbing mechanic
-Building managers / maintenance personnel

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We created a video to give you a glimpse of what a training session looks like.  You can watch the video here:   (Note: the video was filmed during a French session)

Testimonials :

From a recent pneumatic session (Halifax, N.S.)

 ``As someone with 20 yrs in the hvac trade, I thought it was a great course. …It was something I was interested in for a long time… …The training manual itself will be a great reference in the future. Thanks so much.”

 Sean W.

  ``On behalf of myself and my HVAC crew, we want to thank ProKontrol for this excellent opportunity to learn and to network with others in the same field. The pneumatic course content was excellent and presented in a fashion that was easy to understand and apply. The trainer deserves much credit for making a difficult subject less scary and more comfortable to work on. The mixture of both theory and practical hands on learning was very effective and the manual we received to take home is an excellent and very valuable resource of information.”

 Best Regards, Perry E.

Payment :

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