Our company

Our company

PRO KONTROL is the Canada largest wholesaler dedicated to HVAC control parts for commercial buildings.


PRO KONTROL'S goal is to always give you quality service. We want to offer you a wide range of diversified products and build a business relationship based on confidence and the achievement of common goals. PRO KONTROL specializes in customized solutions. We know how to advise you in order to develop your complex and uncommon strategies.

For those reasons, PRO KONTROL has been showing consistent growth for more than 30 years.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Our customer service department is there, every step of the way

  • Quick and effective staff readily available before, during and after the sale.
  • Processing and tracking orders beyond the industry standards.
  • Top industry professionals available for technical support.

Our goals

We want to play a strategic part in your growth by saving you time and money while optimizing your energy efficiency and performance. We also offer you the very best brands and multiple value added services at highly competitive prices.

Organizational Values

Organizational Values

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Team spirit
  • Pride to be a part of the team
  • Loyalty, Integrity and Respect
  • Determination and the desire to be the best

Our commitments

At PRO KONTROL, we are aware of what is important for the global industry, issues such as:

• Increasing eco energy efficiency

• Reducing operating costs

• Actively participating in increasing security measures to protect the environment

PRO KONTROL is a dedicated company with a broad vision and a progressive, integrated and purpose-oriented approach.

Fast delivery

Carried out in a remote area or even outside the country? Our delivery service is available anywhere, anytime!

  • You can make the most of our ultra-fast and reliable delivery service. Since we maintain a high inventory level, you can receive your order the same day or the next day for the most orders.
Our partnerships and strategic alliances

Our partnerships and strategic alliances

Our long-standing partnerships with most CANADIAN businesses in the HVAC/R industry clearly shows the confidence our suppliers have given us. We have established strategic alliances focused on quality of service, results and consistent performance. The biggest names trust PRO KONTROL to see their projects through.

Honours and awards

Belimo recognition to emphasize our successful partnership as a Platinum distributor.


Schneider Electric TAC recognition to emphasize our successful partnership.


Carlo Gavazzi “Outstanding Distributor Achievement Award – 2016”. In recognition of the dedication, promotional efforts and sales achievement for Carlo Gavazzi


Functional Devices – 2015 Distributor of the Year

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