June 2015 : New Associate Director in Quebec branch

June 2015 : New Associate Director in Quebec branch

To ensure the succession and the success of the Quebec branch, it is my pleasure to announce the arrival of Jonathan Lessard as Associate Director.

For over 6 years Jonathan is employed at Pro Kontrol as building mechanics specialist. He has worked at the design and startup on many DDC projects for customers in Montreal. He has an electrical engineering experience, building controls and power saving management. With all his working background he will join the Quebec branch.

I will assist him in this  new position for at least four to five years to ensure optimal transition and still offer value-added service you are used to at Pro Kontrol.

Jonathan and his family will move in the beautiful Quebec City region in mid-August.

We could not find a better candidate to succeed me. Please join me in wishing him a warm welcome!

Richard Caouette, Quebec Branch Manager

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